Aszú Restaurant, Budapest

What can you expect at Aszú?We strive to be what we set out to be: a purveyor of modern cuisine that understands its roots, while gazing out from Tokaj upon the world where the wine list offers numerous special selections exclusive to our establishment,... where service means painstaking attention to courtesy in every detail, where an artistically carved gilded wood interior plays an integral part in the concept that willmake your evening an unforgettable experience. Have our efforts been crowned with success? Come and see for yourselves! We'll be expecting you.

Tamás Kovacsik - Wine cavalier of Tokaj




Green pea velouté, fresh garden vegetables, yoghourt2300.-

Goulash soup2600.-

Perfect poached egg, spinach mousse, parmesan, yoghourt, new potato textures2900.-

Chicken meat pancakes „Hortobágyi”, sour cream mousse2900.-

Goat cheese mousse, colourful beetroots, pumpkin seed crumbs2900.-

Fresh green salad, smoked salmon, wasabi mayonnaise mousse, marinated cucumbers3400.-

Marinated fresh trout fillet, carbonated tomato juice, raspberry, olives3400.-

Angus beef tartare, cream of baked paprika, egg yolk, mustard3900.-

Grilled duck liver, french toast, sorrel, hollandaise sauce3900.-

Goose liver cream, Aszú jelly, grape salad, olive powder3900.-

Main courses

Lemon seasoned green pea risotto, fried goat cheese balls, cottage cheese4400.-

Fresh homemade pasta, mascarpone flavoured spinach mousse, parmesan, garlic, dried tomatoes4400.-

Farm chicken breast fillet, corn varitions, truffle pesto4900.-

Paprika chicken (chicken breast supreme) with „túrós galuska” (hungarian cottage cheese dumplings), cottage cheese mousse, cucumbers4900.-

Aszú ox goulash, „dödölle” (hungarian potato noodles) carrots, celery, onions, mustard seeds5900.-

Tenderloin of „mangalitza” pork, fried marrow, cumin cabbage, kapia bell pepper purée, king oyster mushrooms5900.-

Rose breast of duck, confit of duck gizzards, colourful carrots and beetroots5900.-

Fresh trout fillet from Szilvásvárad, grilled turnip, broccoli, pak choy, parsley velouté5900.-

Feather blade of Angus beef, soft new potato cream, spinach, glazed mushrooms, Bikavér gravy6900.-

Shank of lamb, „lecsó”, new potatoes, string beans, tomato chutney6900.-

Angus beef tenderloin steak, mustard flavoured mashed potatoes, baked tomatoes, endives, green pepper sauce7900.-


Cheese selection • Semi-hard cow’s milk cheese, elderberry-mustard dipping sauce • Blue-veined cow’s milk cheese, grape jelly • Ripened goat’s milk cheese, thyme honey • Smoked goat’s milk cheese from Bük, rosemary crisps3300.-


Cottage cheese dumplings, felantin, whipped sour cream, strawberries1850.-

Cherry mousse with white chocolate, buttermilk powder, cherry salad1950.-

Almond milk chocolate cream, kapia bell pepper sorbet, raspberry2400.-

Chocolate, rhubarb, anther-dust, buttermilk2900.-

2Wine list


White Wines 2/1

 750 ml 150 ml

Böjt Egri Csillag 2015 Eger4900.-

Gellavilla Olaszrizling 2016 Balatonszőlős5200.-

Gilvesy Bohém Cuvée 2015 Balaton5200.-

Martinus Olaszrizling 2015 Tagyon-hegy5400.-

Konyári Zöldveltelini 2016 Balatonlelle5400.-

St Andrea Napbor 2016 Eger5900.-

Pannonhalmi Rajnai Rizling 2016 Pannonhalma6200.-1400.-

Pannonhalmi Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Pannonhalma6200.-

Légli Chardonnay 2016 Balatonboglár6400.-

White Wines 2/2

  750ml 150ml

Etyeki Chardonnay 2015 Etyek6400.-1450.-

Gilvesy Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Szent György-hegy7200.-1600.-

Káli Kövek Monoszló Furmint 2013 Köveskál7900.-

Rosé Wines

  750 ml 150 ml

Skizó Rosé 2016 Badacsony4400.-1000.-

Pálffy Rosé 2016 Köveskál4900.-

Etyeki Rosé 2016 Etyek4900.-1000.-

Heimann Mammaróza Rosé 2016 Szekszárd4900.-

Sparkling Wines

  750 ml 150 ml

Ruppert Zizzi Gyöngyöző5400.-

Gere Frici Gyöngyöző Rosé5900.-

Kreinbacher Extra Dry8900.-

Kreinbacher Brut Classic9400.-1950.-

Sauska Tokaj Pezsgő Extra Brut Rosé9400.-1950.-

Légli Pezsgő Brut9900.-

Kreinbacher Prestige Brut9900.-

Sauska Tokaj Pezsgő Extra Brut14900.-

Red Wines 3/1

 750 ml 150 ml

Etyeki Kúria Red 2015 Etyek4900.-1200.-

Kiss Gábor 364 Rouge 2015 Villány5200.-

Heimann SXRD 2015 Szekszárd5600.-

Ruppert Kandúr 2014 Villány5600.-

Konyári Kékfrankos 2015 Balatonlelle5900.-1300.-

Pannonhalmi Tricolis Vörös 2015 Pannonhalma5900.-

Günzer Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 Villány6200.-

Sauska Cuvée 13 2015 Villány6700.-1500.-

Losonci Pinot Noir 2015 Gyöngyöspata7200.-

Konyári Cabernet-Syrah 2013 Balatonlelle7900.-1750.-

St. Andrea Áldás Bikavér 2015 Eger7900.-1750.-

Pannonhalmi Hemina 2015 Pannonhalma7900.-

Red Wines 3/2

 750 ml150 ml

Figula Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Balatonfüred7900.-1750.-

Bakonyi Makár Cabernet Franc 2015 Villány8400.-1850.-

Kiss Gábor Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 Villány8900.-1950.-

Konyári Jánoshegyi Kékfrankos 2015 Balatonlelle9400.-

Günzer Ördögárok 2012 Villány9400.-

Bott Frigyes History Kadarka 2015 Muzsla9900.-

Pannonhalmi Pinot Noir 20159900.-2200.-

Heimann Bikavér 2014 Szekszárd9900.-

Günzer Bocor Syrah 2013 Villány9900.-

Konyári Loliense 2012 Balatonlelle9900.-

Ruppert Cabernet Franc 2012 Villány9900.-

St Andrea Hangács Bikavér Grand Superior 2013 Eger10900.-

Red Wines 3/3

 750 ml150 ml

Sauska Konkoly Syrah 2012 Villány13900.-2950.-

Sauska Cuvée 7 2012 Villány14900.-

Heimann Barbár 2013 Szekszárd14900.-

St Andrea Merengő Bikavér Superior 2012 Eger15600.-

Gere Solus Merlot 2011 Villány23900.-

Sauska Kopár Merlot 2013 Villány27600.-

Gere Kopár 1997/1999/2000 Villány44900.-

Sauska Cuvée 5 2011 Villány64500.-

(The 2009 vintage of this wine was The Decanter World Wide Awards Winner)

3Tokaj Wines

Tokaj Wines

Dry 2/1

 750 ml 150 ml

Sauska Sárgamuskotály 20155400.-1200.-

Sauska Furmint 20155400.-

Sauska Cuvée 113 20155900.-1300.-

Nobilis Sárgamuskotály 20156600.-1500.-

Kaláka Tokaj Hárslevelű 20156900.-

Bardon Meszes Furmint 20156900.-

Nobilis Birtok Furmint 20157200.-

Montium Birtok Furmint 20157400.-1650.-

Oremus Mandolás Furmint 20157900.-

Dry 2/2

 750 ml150 ml

B.A. Petrács Furmint 20158400.-1850.-

TR Művek Furmint 20158400.-

Nobilis Susogó Furmint 20158900.-

Balassa Bomboly Furmint 20158900.-

Gizella Barát Hárslevelű 20159400.-1950.-

Balassa Nyulászó Furmint 20159900.-2200.-

Nobilis Barakonyi Furmint 20159900.-

Balassa Kvarc Furmint 201311900.-

Gizella Szent Tamás Hárslevelű 201512200.-

Szepsy Furmint 201513200.-

Szepsy Betsek Furmint 201523900.-


 500 ml 50 ml

Oremus Édes Szamorodni 20135700.-800.-

Sauska Késői Cuvée 20157900.-900.-

Demeter Birtokbor Édes 20138400.-950.-

Oremus Késői Cuvée 20158900.-1050.-

Homonna Édes Hármas 20138900.-1050.-

TR Művek Édes 2015 (750ml)9400.-800.-

Oremus 3 Puttonyos Aszú 201211400.-1350.-

Szepsy Édes Szamorodni 201217900.-1950.-

Oremus 5 Puttonyos Aszú 199919500.-1950.-

Oremus 6 Puttonyos Aszú 200629500.-2950.-



Aszú Restaurant1051 Budapest, Sas str. 4

Phone: (+36) 1 328-0360
Phone: (+36) 1 328-0155


Open: 12:00 - 24:00 (every day)

Christmas opening: 12.00 - 24.00